“The best music around today” Ernesto Assante, La Repubblica 

Emma Morton & the Graces is Scottish singer-songwriter, Emma Morton’s latest project with drummer Piero Perelli and Guitarist Luca Giovacchini. Their debut album Bitten by the Devil gives voice to Emma’s un-contained Confessional songwriting, and takes us through contaminated sonic plans where darker worlds of sex, depression, deceit, s&m, violence and freedom are explored and celebrated by the band’s raw and psychotropic sound cocktail, fizzing with jazzroots-rock and folk contaminations and all sung in Scottish dialect – some classy guests and collaborators on the album include Platinum Selling Artist Raphael Gualazzi, Gabriele Evangelist, Antonio Gramentieri (Sari Cuori, Don Antonio) and Grammy Winner Gene Paul. 

The Scottish/Italian band are currently ON TOUR and promoting their album Bitten by the Devil throughout Europe’s finest Festivals, Theatres and Clubs.  

“Emma Morton & the Graces pull you into their evocative and mysterious world full of juxtaposing experiences of love and hate, fear and freedom… Emma’s roaming eyes and deep febrile vocals charged as though each performance was her last confession. She doesn’t hold back… neither does the band, who in three, thunder and roar as if they were in twenty.” Moodboard Magazine, 2017.”

 Singer-songwriter Emma Morton’s ascendancy through the DIY music scene has seen her work gain increasingly high-profile recognition: beyond the mounting number of performances she’s chalked up on major television and radio stations over the last few years, Emma has enjoyed reaching TOP 3 in the charts, major radio plays, a publicity sync with Samsung and a number of collaborations and performances with international artists like Raphael Gualazzi, Olly Murs, Gary Lucas, Petra Magoni, Alejandro Escovedo, Glen Hansard, and DJ Mollela.  

Emma Morton & the Graces evolved in the fall of 2016 when the band decided to abandon their usual set list and perform a repertoire of songs from their favourite artists for a one-off show dedicated to the victims of the earthquake in Amatrice: T-Bone BurnettBob DylanTom Waits, and Nick Cave were some of the greats on that set list. I abandoned all notion of my voice being an instrument that evening; sound became secondary to words, which I instinctively sung in my spoken dialect. Something just clicked and I began my journey home – Luca and Piero the steady train that would take me there. 

As performers, Emma Morton & the Graces have definitely been around the block; Festivals, Clubs, Theatres, Television and Radio stations have all been playgrounds for them to push experimentation and “connection” – feeding off the interplay demanded by each audience’s unique and peculiar energy.

The Band; Piero Perelli (drums), Luca Giovacchini (guitar) and Gabriele Evangelista (Double bass) have toured worldwide with artists like Dana Fuchs, Vinicio Capossela, Bobby Johnson, R.L. Burnside, Frank Frost, Sam Carr, Pianco C. Reed, Stefano Bollani, Enrico Rava, Maurizio Geri and Francesco Guccini. 






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